All living things have souls..even the plants, who have neither voices nor wings to
fly away.
original oil painting, still life, fruit with pitcher, oil on linen
Fruit and Pitcher

11 x 14
Oil on Linen                                          

Paris Pruden.  There was a fabulous north
This was a setup in the studio of Nancy
light streaming in from the bank of
windows.  This was done in the old
master style of underpainting in casein,
then overlaid in oil glazes.  It is a time
consuming process, but the luminosity of
the paints really come through.  
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original oil painting, still life with kettle, oil on canvas
Tante Jewel’s Iron Kettle

18 x 24
Oil on Linen                

This was a setup in Nancy Paris Pruden’s studio.
The iron kettle reminded me so much of my old
aunts’ kitchens in Louisiana. It’s just a feel-good
nostalgic painting. The painting was underpainted
in casein and overlaid with glazes. This is an old
masters’ technique.
Fortune Cookies

16 x 20
Oil on Canvas

The vase in this painting was one I had
long admired in Nancy Pruden’s Studio. I
decided to place the Chinese fan and
fortune cookies to complete the picture.  It
took two bags of fortune cookies to work my
way through it.  They were delicious.
Window into the Future

11 x 14
Oil on Linen

I used a strong blue-orange palette on this
painting. While doing the study there was
new building under construction next door
to the studio. After a while the building in
progress became part of the still life.
Flowers and Shell               

11 x 14
Oil on Canvas Board              

This was a study of the floral works of Henri Fantin-LaTour.  He was
a wonderful floral painter in 19th century France.  I gathered some
flowers and really tried to figure his particular way of representing
floral life.  I threw the shell in wanting to have a smooth surface
contrast with the texture of the flowers
Rose and Hydrangeas

9 x 12
Oil on Board

This color sketch of a rose and
hydrangeas was an attempt to capture
the contrasting textures of different
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