People are beautiful in  their imperfection.  Jeanette sometimes sees beauty in
unexpected places.  Her art is very personal, as seen in her human portraits.
Portrait of Amy

Oil on canvas

Amy is a favorite model for many
Houston artists who do figures.

I particularly like the subtle contrast of
her red hair and the pink of the robe.
Angel in my Corner       

48 x 36
Oil on Canvas

This is a very personal painting.  The child is my son, Dylan,
and he was enjoying a look at a bug floating in the air.  He
just looked so vulnerable with the river in back of him.  

When I was growing up a little Catholic school girl, my
mother hung a famous painting of an Angel guarding some
children as they crossed over a river.  She would tell me that I
had a guardian angel that would protect me in life.  I was
always comforted by it.  

I realize now as an adult that it must have comforted my
mother also. Parents want so much to protect their children
from harm and will call upon the heavens to help.
Neet and Marie
at Bolivar Peninsula

oil on canvas

This is one of a series of beach
scenes taken from old family photos.

My mother Anita (Neet) and her sister
Marie were regulars on the beach in
the early 1940's.

The two are smiling at the camera
unaware of the shark in the
background. Only the little dog notices.
The painting symbolizes the innocent
joy and unseen risk in all our lives.

10" x 13"
Oil on Linen

I had just seen a performance of
"Romeo and Juliet".  The girl who played
Juliet did a wonderful job in the play. I felt
the need to honor her in the painting. I
used an old masters style handmade
canvas with the addition of gold leaf.
West Houston studio specializing in realistic classical oil painting
“Glorious Morning"                
24 x 36
Oil on Canvas

I love the iconic paintings with gold
leaf done in medieval times.  That
love inspired this painting. Early
mornings are my favorite time of day.
One morning while walking along
Buffalo Bayou I saw morning glories
blooming profusely. I knew then I
needed to do a painting; this is it.
The Chicken Coop"        

24 x 30
Oil and

I used to love to visit my Tante Jewel
in Louisiana. She had chickens, and
finding eggs was like a treasure hunt!
I was a little afraid of the rooster, but
he was more afraid of Tante Jewel.
“Beach Day in Galveston"        

9 x 12
Oil on Canvas

It was the perfect birthday gift. Blue
water in Galveston! I celebrated with my
husband and thousands of close
friends. This was the scene that was
right in front of me.

Happy birthday to me
“Icon of Madonna and Child"        
7 x 9
Oil on Board

Growing up I would see icon paintings
and thought they were ugly. Over the
years I have come to understand the
symbolism and history behind these
beautiful images. I finally buckled down
and took a course on icon painting and
gold leaf techniques. I now see how I
can incorporate some of these
techniques in my other works.