People are beautiful in  their imperfection.  Jeanette sometimes sees beauty in
unexpected places.  Her art is very personal, as seen in her human portraits.
original oil painting, Red Hat Lady, after Vermeer, great master, oil on canvas
Homage to Vermeer

16 x 20
Oil on Canvas

I had just come back from a trip to
Amsterdam and my love of the Dutch
painters was reinforced even more.  
This is one of Vemeer’s famous works;
however, I just had to have a prettier
face than he did, so I made one up.  
I still remember my instructor at the
time being very unhappy about my
“made up face”.  Her point was that
when you study portrait painting you
should always have the person or a
photo of the person in front of you.  She
is right because if you are not careful
you will get very comfortable doing only
one “type” of face.
Flaming June

24 x 24
Oil on canvas

This is after Leighton, the famous
English painter. I started this painting by
completing the nude figure first, then
painting the clothes. The daughter of a
friend tried to get into this position and
found that it was not possible. While a
great master, Leighton took liberties with
the human form.
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Fairy Princess

Oil on canvas

This was a delightful painting to
do. It was the young model's first
modeling job, and I saw her
dreamimg of being a fairy
Portrait of Amy

Oil on canvas

Amy is a favorite
model for many
Houston artists who
do figures.

I particularly like the
subtle contrast of her
red hair and the pink
of the robe.
Angel in my Corner       

48 x 36
Oil on Canvas

This is a very personal painting.  The child is my son,
Dylan, around age three or four.  We were at the
Pedernales River and he was enjoying a look at a bug
floating in the air.  He just looked so vulnerable with the
river in back of him.  

When I was growing up a little Catholic school girl, my
mother hung a famous painting of an Angel guarding
some children as they crossed over a river.  She would
tell me that I had a guardian angel that would protect
me in life.  I was always comforted by it.  

I realize now as an adult that it must have comforted my
mother also. Parents want so much to protect their
children from harm and will call upon the heavens to
Neet and Marie
at Bolivar Peninsula

oil on canvas

This is one of a series of beach
scenes taken from old family photos.

My mother Anita (Neet) and her sister
Marie were regulars on the beach in
the early 1940's.

The two are smiling at the camera
unaware of the shark in the
background. Only the little dog notices.
The painting symbolizes the innocent
joy and unseen risk in all our lives.

10" x 13"
Oil on Linen

I had just seen a performance of
"Romeo and Juliet".  The girl who played
Juliet did a wonderful job in the play. I felt
the need to honor her in the painting. I
used an old masters style handmade
canvas with the addition of gold leaf.
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