Here are Lil'Jean's latest works.  On a given day you may find portraits of
people and pets, still life and life drawings...
“Geese of London"        

8 x 10
Oil on Board

break in the London rain brought out these
geese at St. James Park
. They were well-
behaved, for geese!
“Visitor on the Lemons"                
6 x 8
Oil on Canvas Board

My neighbor has a lemon tree that
produced over three hundred lemons!  
Needless to say, he was sharing with the
neighbors. Lemon pies, lemon curd,
lemon cookies…until only these two were
left. This little visitor was the last neighbor
to claim his share.
West Houston studio specializing in realistic classical oil painting
“Busy as a Bee"                
8 x 8
Oil and Paper on Board

The first time I heard this saying was by a nun in
kindergarten. She was telling us to get “busy as a bee”.
I was clueless. Only later did I understand that she was
telling us to be busy producing for ourselves, our family,
and our community.
Mom and Her Friends"  
5 x 7
Oil on

When my mom, in the pants and beret, was newly
divorced she had many friends to help her through this
stage. Here she is with her best friend and baby circa
Bluebonnets in the Hill

12 x 24
Oil on Canvas

pring time in Texas is everyone's favorite season,
especially in the hill country. Bluebonnets reign
. I did not attempt to capture individual
colors,just the essence of the bluebonnets.
West Texas in my Mind"        

30 x 36
Oil on

fter a week in Terlingua I wanted to capture the
"feel" of far West Texas, not a particular spot, but all
the images that came into my mind
“Bluebirds on Oranges"        
12 x 16
Oil on Canvas w True Gesso

For a very long time I have wanted to do a series of fruit
and bird paintings. This is number one of that series. A
friend of mine did nothing but complain about all the
bluebirds in her back yard. She said they messed up
her lawn furniture. I just thought how lucky she was to
have the bluebirds of happiness there. That moment
was the start of this painting.
“Chickens in Puerto
12 x 12
Oil on Canvas

While vacationing in Puerto Vallarta
at a lovely resort, out of the corner of
my eye, what do I see but a gang of
chickens. The hotel staff was busy
shooing them off. The memory is
burned into my brain, so of course,
this painting had to come.
“Bison in Yellowstone"                
11 x 14
Oil on Canvas

Rule number one: never get in the way of a bison
during mating season. We ran across hundreds of
bison looking for mates. The ritual is truly impressive,
with the females playing coy while the big bulls rumble
and strut their stuff. The mating sound of the bulls is
very intimidating to the observer, but apparently
irresistible to the females.
“Brazos State Park"        

12 x 24
Oil on Canvas

On a Sunday afternoon with junk
food in a bag and my paints, I
produced this little painting plein
air. Chocolate inspiration!
“Fisherman on the Bayou"                
8 x 10
Oil on Canvas

The Bayou Teche highlighted by the setting sun
is at its most glorious. This painting is an out of
my head experience from childhood memories.
The extraordinary effect of the lighting contrasts
with the ordinary every day activity of the