Bolivar Lighthouse

9 x 12
Oil on Canvas Panel

Growing up we were beach people. My dad truly
loved this lighthouse. As I painted this painting
memories of sand, watermelons and inner tubes
came flooding back. I was very grateful to see the old
girl still standing after the ravages of Hurricane Ike.
Brazos Bend Chickens

12" x 16"
Oil on Canvas Board

Looking for bluebonnets to paint, I came across this
scene that I found to be so peaceful. I loved the little
orange tree sitting in the back. Later in the day I ran
across some chickens and placed them on the path.
It made for a nice day of plein air painting.
Night Watcher

16" x 20"
Oil on Canvas

This painting is from an original by my husband. The
painting was destroyed in flooding from Hurricane
Ike. My mother-in-law so mourned the loss of this
painting that I recreated it. The painting is about the
moody vision of an observer from afar.
West Houston studio specializing in realistic classical oil painting
“Evening on the Bayou Teche"        
12 x 16
Oil on Board

There is nothing more hauntingly beautiful than an
evening on the bayou. I kept the palette very close in
value. I think this painting was successful in creating
a feeling of space, as if one could fall into it.
“Emory Mountains"                
11 x 14
Oil on Canvas Board

The Emory Mountains are near Big Bend. We rented
a house nearby, and this is the sight we woke up to
every morning. What a beautiful gift! I kept a very tight
blue-orange palette.
Pond with Pollen

30 x 40
Oil on Canvas

On a plein air outing in Brazos Bend Park  some
friends and I found that pollen was filling the air. No
one else wanted to paint this gold covered pond,
but I thought it was beautiful.
"East Texas Bluebonnets"              
8 x 10
Oil on Canvas Board

What better way to spend a sultry afternoon than
painting Texas bluebonnets.