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Bolivar Lighthouse

9 x 12
Oil on Canvas Panel

Growing up we were beach people. My dad truly
loved this lighthouse. As I painted this painting
memories of sand, watermelons and inner tubes
came flooding back. I was very grateful to see the old
girl still standing after the ravages of Hurricane Ike.
Brazos Bend Chickens

12" x 16"
Oil on Canvas Board

Looking for bluebonnets to paint, I came across this
scene that I found to be so peaceful. I loved the little
orange tree sitting in the back. Later in the day I ran
across some chickens and placed them on the path.
It made for a nice day of plein air painting.
Grackles and Lamb Singing in the Light of Day

11 x 14
Oil on Canvas

This painting started out as a field study
of a tree.  Once I had it in my studio I was
surprised at how dark I had painted the
trunk.  This happens quite often to painters.  I
completely changed the palette to purple-yellow.  
Grackles were at my feeder that day and to complete
the painting a black lamb that I saw on one of our
plein air trips.        
Oahu Island Scene

12 x 16
Oil on Canvas Panel

I worked from a photo from 1979. My son was only
seven years old and loved this beach. I tried to
capture the variations in blue that evening. When I’m
in Hawaii the color blue screams at me. By blue I
mean ALL shades of blue.
Cactus and Bluebonnets

6 x 8
Oil on Canvas Panel

While looking for a plein air location I came across
this scene. I did this work while thinking of my son,
who wrote "Texas Then and Now".
Colorado Swans

18 x 22
Oil on Canvas

While visiting Broadmoor in Colorado Springs these
two beautiful swans came floating by. They seemed
out of place high in the Rocky Mountains. This While
visiting Broadmoor in Colorado Springs these
canvas is made in an old masters style with cooked
gesso and rabbit skin glue.
Night Watcher

16" x 20"
Oil on Canvas

This painting is from an original by my husband. The
painting was destroyed in flooding from Hurricane
Ike. My mother-in-law so mourned the loss of this
painting that I recreated it. The painting is about the
moody vision of an observer from afar.
Studio specializing in classical oil painting with locations in West Houston and The Silos on Sawyer in the Texas Art District