Many of Jeanette's oil paintings are of animals.  There has never been a day when she
did not share her life with those other "special people".  At present she lives with a
poodle, a silky terrier, a spoiled cockatiel, and twenty three box turtles.
original oil painting, Kent's Three Dogs, animal art, oil on canvas
The Protector

24 x 36
oil on canvas

This painting was more of a social statement—not
just a painting of a pet.  It symbolizes a relationship
between the powerful and the weak. The inspiration
was my neighbor’s dog, a gentle giant, who patiently
original oil painting, cat with pears, animal art, oil on canvas
Los Tres Perros

28 x 22
oil on canvas

These dogs reside in the mountains of Colorado. I
told them to pose, and they ceratinly did. Border
collies are very smart.
Portrait of Cat with Pears

16 x 16
oil on canvas

This was painted on commission. The cat was very old
and had remained tiny for all her life. We had wanted to
capture her smallness, so she was painted next to the
pears for scale.
Mista and Sledge

oil on canvas

This was a really fun commission
portrait of two beautiful show boxers.
Can you tell they have very different
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16 x 20
Oil on Canvas

This was originally a study of plaster cast.  It was put
aside when I finished it, then resurrected recently.  The
painting needed some tension and I do believe that the
addition of the dog and cat did just that.
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