Studio specializing in classical oil painting with locations in West Houston and The Silos on Sawyer in the Texas Art District
Jeanette Powell (aka LilJean) is a classical oil painter with studios
in West Houston and The Silos on Sawyer in the Texas Art
District. Her "classical whimsy" is realism with a twist.

Like the old Masters, she believes that art is about taking
chances, making mistakes, working hard and learning.

Jeanette's pathway to art began with horticulture studies in
college where required design courses sparked her interest.  
After fourteen years in the horticultural and floral business she is
now able to pursue her love of oil painting in earnest.

Jeanette studied for twelve years under the tutelage of Boots
Tyner, sculptor and portrait painter.  She worked in the studio of
Nancy Paris Pruden for three years doing intense studies of still
life and floral work.  Her other instructors have been Jerrie
Merlot, Cholla, Polly Liu, Steve Parker, and Bill Kalwick.  She has
participated in workshops with Judy Crow, Sylvia Trybek,
Hongnian Zhang, Ron Rencher, Gay Falkenberry, and Melissa
Franklin/Angel Ramiro Sanchez of the Florence Academy of Art.
LilJean (Jeanette Powell) with her pet cockatiel Sparkle
Photo of Houston artist LilJean (Jeanette Powell)
LilJean (Jeanette Powell) and Giraffe at the Houston Zoo
Original Oil Painting, Alligator in Waterlillies, gator, animal art, oil on canvas
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